Did I hear something about sneaking out?

Hornpaw (or simply 'Horn') is a feral tom and life member of the group BearClan, currently ranked as an apprentice. He is a member of the Lost and Found Generation and a follower of Abeytu.



Hornpaw is a very tall male with a slightly buff build. His long fur is all black except for his ears, which are white. He has two black tufts on the top of his head resembling horns. His eyes are a deep green color.


    = Main fur

    = Ears

    = Eyes

    = Inside of ears/nose/paw pads


  • Honest* Hornpaw is brutally honest and doesn't care about offending someone unless he likes them.
  • Smart — Despite seeming stupid, he is actually quite clever.
  • Protective He is protective of his sister, for she's the person he trusts the most.


Strength — 7/10

Stamina — 6/10

Leadership — 3/10

Hunting — 6/10

Swimming — 7/10

Agiliy — 4/10

Intelligence — 9/10

Herb Knowledge — 1/10

Social Skills — 8/10



Father — Unknown Male

Mother — Unknown Female

Brothers — None

Sisters — Magpiepaw

Mate — None

Sons — None

Daughters — None

Uncles — None

Aunts — None

Grandfathers — None

Grandmothers — None

Great Uncles — None

Great Aunts — None

Great Grandfather — None

Great Grandmother — None


When Hornpaw and his sister were 2 moons old, his parents abandoned them. Not knowing how to hunt, they lived off of termites, berries, and scavenged prey. One day, they stumbled across BearClan and made it their home.


Hornpaw currently has a crush on both Hollypaw and Pigeonpaw.

Leopardcall: Damn, she is so badass! I really look up to her, even though she's only a little taller than me. I really want to be as cool as her when I'm older

Peachbelly: God, why does he try to act cool? He fails. So bad. Why can't he just let us apprentices have fun? Loser.

Pigeonpaw: Pidge is fun to hang out with. He's so cool and he has a great personality, and god he's cute.

Hollypaw: Hollypaw's great! He's really funny and sweet, and I like being around him. His eyes are just,, god i love them so much. I don't understand how he likes Owlpaw, though.

Owlpaw: I don't like her. She's annoying and creepy, and her scars are ugly. I mean, it's not like I know her well, but anyone who drools over other people isn't someone I /want/ to know well.