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Leopardcall (or simply 'Leopard') is a feral shecat and life member of BearClan, currently ranked as deputy DeputyIcon350 (first serving under Onestar Mini-Onestar). She is a member of the Lost and Found Generation and a follower of Abeytu Abeytu Symbol.

Leopardcall may appear spiteful and heartless to those who she lacks a strong bond with- deep down, however, she is caring and compassionate like any other cat, and simply wishes not to show such a vulnerable side of herself so easily.



Leopardcall is a tall, long, skinny, and sleek short-haired shecat. Her well-kept pelt consists of a grey topcoat and light brown underbelly, with dark brown- almost black- bengal markings littered across her nimble body. Two solid patches of white can be found on her chest and underbelly. Leopardcall's eyes are naturally narrow and hold a magnificent green colour. She has a tuft of fur on each ear, and a large chunk of her left missing from battle.



    = Topcoat

    = Underbelly/ear tufts

    = Markings 1

    = Markings 2

    = White patches

    = Eyes

    = Ears/nose/paws

    = Ear scarring (optional)


  • Athletic — Leopardcall enjoys physical activity to keep her agile figure. This plays into her dislike of sleeping/resting.
  • Optimistic— Leopardcall always maintains a positive outlook on life. She hopes she can influence others to do the same.
  • Overprotective — Leopardcall keeps a close eye on loved ones and is more than willing to put herself in harm's way to protect cats she cares about. This is a trait she gained over time from Skeleton Junior.
  • Stern — Unless speaking to a loved one or Kits, Leopardcall will be very strict and straightforward. Authority and chain of command are important to her.
  • Boastful — Leopardcall is known for bragging and acting smug about her achievements. Anyone who tries to brag to her, however, will not be treated kindly. This plays into her 'competitive' trait.
  • Competitive — Leopardcall is vying, and will take competitive environments very seriously. Although- She tends to keep quiet about these goals and intentions.


Strength — 3/10

Stamina — 5/10

Leadership — 7/10

Hunting — 4/10

Swimming — 2/10

Agiliy — 9/10

Intelligence — 9/10

Herb Knowledge — 2/10

Social Skills — 8/10


Father — Skeleton Junior

Mother — Unknown Shecat

Brothers — None

Sisters — None

Mate — None

Sons — None

Daughters — None

Uncles — None

Aunts — Scarletkit, Darkkit

Grandfathers — Skeletonstar

Grandmothers — Xang

Great Uncles — Cinderpaw

Great Aunts — None

Great Grandfather — Antbtie

Great Grandmother — Goldendawn


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  • Leopardcall is a reincarnation of her grandfather, BearClans's founder, Skeletonstar (Not to be mistaken with her father, Skeleton Junior.).
  • Her suffix (call) was picked in honour of her grandfather's Warrior name.
  • Her pelt holds the scent of burnt wood.
  • The tear in her left ear was earned during a battle with Rosethorn- this fight also lead to her dislike of combat.
  • Leopardcall shares a voice with Dean Abigail Hardscrabble from Monsters University.
  • Leopardcall's theme song is Wonderland by Caravan Palace.


Come on, Onehope. There’s gotta be a reason why you were sent here, right? I bet this was it.

—Leopardcall to Onehope(star)

Me hating kittypets is a personal thing. The Mantotopha believes that everyone gets a chance- and it is my job to spread the word of The Mantotopha, alongside Onestar and Peachbelly.

—Leopardcall to Houndheart

This section is currently a work in progress.