BearClan Paws3.0

Full listing of the paw designs

After every rank-related ceremony, the tradition of The Ceremonial Paws follows. The paw-prints are located in the Camp tunnel (read more →) and are placed once the cats rank has been officially acknowledged.

The paw-prints have been blessed by The Mantotopha's power and will not be washed away by water or any storm alike. Each paw-print has been covered by generations of cats, however, still remain and will not be forgotten. The sacred mud used to place a paw-print is crafted by medicine cats; the recipe is secret and only shared with medicine cats and their apprentices.

Apprentices ApprenticeIcon350

Kits gain their mark on the wall when they reach 6 moons and become Apprentices. This means they are officially part of BearClan.

Medicine Cat Apprentices MCApprenticeIcon350

The same as Apprentices; when Kits reach 6 moons, they also have the opportunity to become Medicine Cat Apprentices, they can't modify their mark back to normal Apprentice because of the chosen path rule.

Warriors BCwarriorDP2

When apprentices pass their warrior test, they are able to modify their mark and indicate they are adult warriors now.

Elite Warriors EliteWarriorIcon350

Warriors who have been chosen to be Elite Warriors modify their mark, indicating their new rank and requirement of respect.

Medicine Cats MedicineCatIcon350

When Medicine Cat Apprentices finish their training, they add two dots representing their connection with the Earth and The Mantotopha.

Permantent Queens QueenIcon350

If a female Warrior chooses to be a Permanent Queen, they modify their mark. When a female gets pregnant, she modifies her mark as well, marking she has reproduced part of a new generation. The markings around the paw represent their love and care for family and strength to defend them.

Co Deputy CoDeputyIcon350

The Co Deputy mark is similar to the Warrior's mark. This is because of their past rank as a Warrior or Elite Warrior.

Deputy DeputyIcon350

The Deputy mark is similar to the Co Deputy's mark. This is because of their past rank as a Warrior, Elite Warrior or Co Deputy.

Leader LeaderIcon350

Similar to Deputies mark; each dot represents leader's 8 lives. When a Leader loses a life, a circle is crossed out.

Elders ElderIcon350

When a Warrior retires and becomes an Elder, they wash their paws in the Silvereye Waterfall and place their paw over their mark. This means they must be highly respected and honored for their moons of service.

The Gardens of Eternal Newleaf TGOENLIcon350

When a member dies, their mark is crossed out during the silent sit vigil.

Exiled ExiledIcon350

If a member gets exiled for any reason the Leader, Deputy, Co Deputy or Elite Warrior will severely punish them and make the former member cross out their mark with their own blood.