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The Murky Rainforest is a major section of territory located northwest of BearClan Camp. It is the exact opposite of The Red Valley; it has a lush, green environment with a strong stream, refered to as the Forgotten Stream by BearClan cats. Occasionally, The Murky Rainforest will get foggy or extremely humid, as a subject of hard and constant rains. The opening to The Cave of Serenity can be found close to the center of The Murky Rainforest, giving the territory high spiritual significance.

Threat level: BearClanPawBearClanPaw

The Murky Rainforest is comparatively the safest territory, and is a great place for beginners. Of course, there are a few threats, such as drowning, snakes, collapsing rocks and birds of prey.

Prey found in The Murky Rainforest includes (but is not limited to)- Small birds, fish, frogs, shrews, mice, snakes, and water voles.